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Kren's Korner
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Jack Buck:  A legend we'll never forget
By:  Andy Kren
Jack Buck:  1924-2002
A legend.  A wonderful man.  A great voice for sports.  Jack Buck fits all these categories.  He is remarkable, unbelievable, and unique! 
It all started in 1924.  Jack Buck did many things in his childhood.  He knew what was expected and acted.  He knew the conditions back in 1924.  He would do many things around the house to help.  One thing he did was to sell newspapers.  But he did other things.  As I said, he knew what was expected of himself. 
Buck spent time in the army, in World War II.  He was seriously wounded and received a Purple Heart.
Jack Buck is not only noted for broadcasting Baseball.  He has also broadcasted the St. Louis Blues, a hockey team.  He broadcasted the Blues first goal!!  He is also famous for announcing numerous Super Bowls, Missouri Tiger Football, and some wrestling.  Most important of all is his broadcasting career of the St. Louis Cardinals.  He spent at least 35 years broadcasting the Cardinals.  One of his great friends in the booth for 30 years was Mike Shannon.  Shannon is still broadcasting the Cardinals. 
Jack Buck was not just an announcer, but a loving and caring person.  He enjoyed opportunities to meet kids.  He helped out with many charity organizations.  77 wonderful years!!



            I believe that it is safe to follow your conscience.  I believe this in two ways.  I believe that following your conscience helps you do the right thing in life.  I also believe that following your conscience helps you because if bad things occur when you tried to do the right thing, then at least you know you tried your best and also if you were honest, you dont have to have this bothering you.  When you lie, you have that guilt inside, but when youre honest, you know you did the right thing.  If bad things occur, and I know many bad things happen, just try thinking to yourself that you did the right thing.  In a few days, youll feel better and maybe the person angry at you wont feel so angry anymore.  Then you will know the good things that you did.  I also believe that following your conscience helps you do the right thing.  I just said that good things will happen when you were honest and things backfired earlier, and, from learning that, you know that it is safe to follow your conscience.  Those who do not follow their conscience will not be doing the right things all of the time.  Just because your friend is pleased by a lie you said to make them feel better, sooner or later they will find out and will not be very happy.  You must follow your conscience because, in doing so, we are doing the right thing.


Where I was on September 11th, 2001
By:  Andy Kren
I went to school regularly like any other school day.  I was in my junior year of high school.  My first class was study hall.  I normally always do homework in study hall.  I rarely do nothing in that class.  I am always working.  I don't remember what time it was, but I know it was around 8-9 A.M. in the morning. 
     While I was working on my homework, our principal said on the PA, "Two planes have just been hijaked".  Some laughed and I admit I laughed too.  I wish I didn't though because a little later our principal said on the PA, "The two planes that were hijaked just crashed into the World Trade Centers".  I was shocked.  I discussed with my friends saying, "Why would anybody go after the World Trade Centers".  I didn't know what they(the World Trade Centers) were at the time. 
     I went to spanish class next and all we did was watch TV.  We saw all that happened and all that was going on.  I was really shocked when I saw the World Trade Centers collapse.  To think of all the lives lost in that is just devastating. 
     We didn't do much the rest of the day.  We basically listened and watched the TV.  Every channel was news.  There were no commercials at all.  JUST NEWS FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!  There were also no baseball games, no football games, no sports at all.  It was like the sports world had been disabled. 
     This day taught me to be more thankful in life.  It gave me the notion that we are hated by some in this world, and that freedom must be defended.